The title sounds pretty hard. Consolidation of loans for troubled clients. Who is a problem client? It follows that these are essentially only defaulters and clients who deliberately fail to pay their obligations. But the opposite is true, in 90% of the problem clients are those who got into a debt trap by accident or other fault, so there is no reason to condemn them immediately and say they should be more careful. Yes, they were supposed to be more cautious, but recognize for yourself that anybody can get into this situation.

Who is the loan consolidation intended for?

For citizens who are repaying more disadvantageous loans that burden them unnecessarily and they do not know what to do. You can merge all loans into one, which means you save a lot of money on installments.

Anyone can get into trouble

Consolidation of loans for troubled clients is also for citizens who are in the register of Solus debtors or who are subject to execution. If you have a steady income from employment, you have the best chance of getting this loan, but it is also granted to mothers on maternity leave, pensioners or rarely citizens on social benefits.

Of course, you can also use the loan for something other than paying your remaining obligations. Very often people borrow when moving to a new apartment or family house. To buy a new car or buy land.

Many of our clients use borrowed money for business. For example, fees for the establishment or the purchase of material. There are also clients who use the funds for trading or investing in securities.

What you use the loan does not matter.

Learn how to manage money and do not live from pay to pay, it is easy to say, but always try to save something. There are many financial advisors who will give you free advice and offer advice on how to value your money in the short term. Remember the loan is a good servant but a bad master. With a cool head you can do everything.

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