You can collect your credit card and credit debts that you have difficulty in paying with the use of a Good Credit debt closing loan under the roof of Good Credit.

Good Credit debt closing loan, which facilitates the follow-up of scattered debts, can also be facilitated to repay all debts by extending the debt maturity with a maturity of up to 60 months.

After visiting Good Credit branches for debt closing loan applications, you can collect your debts up to 100.000 USD under Good Credit by taking advantage of attractive interest rates calculated according to the credit score.

Who Can Benefit From Good Credit Debt Closure Loan?

The people who can benefit from Good Credit debt closing loan are limited to those who can get a positive response from the intelligence to be made by Good Credit. In order to get a positive response from financial intelligence made by Good Credit officials;

  • High credit score,
  • Lack of credit or credit card debt in legal proceedings

Is necessary. Good Credit is required to have a regular monthly income in order to confirm that credit repayment can be made outside of the relevant criteria. If the monthly owned income meets the monthly loan installment amount, the loan closure loan applications to be made are approved.

What are the Documents Required for Good Credit Debt Closure Loan Application?

Good Credit debt loan application documents are requested by Good Credit for identity and fee verification purposes. Applicants for loan closure loan applications to Good Credit branches;

  • Identity card or photocopy of driver’s license,
  • Workplace approved payroll or income document,
  • Residence certificate of last 3 months or invoice with a subscription of the name,
  • 3-year balance sheet, Tax Board and Trade Registry Gazette for self-employed

He will need his documents. It is necessary to go to bank branches for application together with the relevant documents.

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Good Credit Debt Closure Loan Interest Rates

Good Credit debt-closing loan interest rates start at 1.29% per month. Applicable for applicants whose credit interest rate is 1,8500 points and above. The interest rate on the debt closing loan to be applied to applicants with a lower credit rating is 1.64%.

Good Credit Debt Closure Loan Calculation

If the calculation of Good Credit debt loan is realized on the basis of a credit rating on the amount of 10.000 USD and 60 months, monthly installment amount information is listed as listed below:

  • For applicants with a credit score of 1.850 and above, the monthly installment amount is 257.08 USD
  • For applicants with a credit rating below 1.850, the monthly installment amount is 285 USD

As can be seen from the calculation, how much monthly installment amount can be calculated by making a credit score inquiry from the Good Finance system before Good Credit debt loan application.

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