Why you Should get a Swamp Cooler


Nowadays there’s a lot of people that use central AC or ductless AC to keep their room cool, but it can get quite dry by using those in your room, and here’s where a swamp cooler will come to the rescue. A swamp cooler is a machine that cools the air by evaporating the water inside the machine; these coolers are perfect in case you have a dry place or want it a bit humid. Here we have listed some reasons on why you should get a swamp cooler, rather than getting a regular AC, make sure to read this article to find out more.

You want a humid room

Using regular AC can be quite cold, and maybe that’s just what you need, but for some people, a regular AC can be too cold, which can lead to a dry place. And usually dry place can lead to so many health problems (can cause eyes and your throat to be irritated.) compared to a humid area. But for girls, it’s dry, flaky skin on their face that they fear. Getting a swamp cooler is a perfect solution as they can still cool the room, without drying the place, which can maintain your skin as well. Check out coldaction as they put on reviews on the best swamp coolers to get, just in case you’re interested in getting one.

Tip: regular AC can be quite noisy, which can make your goodnight sleep less enjoyable, swamp cooler, however, is more quiet, which is perfect for you who needs a quiet place to relax.


If you’re a person, who cares about mother nature, getting a swamp cooler is also another alternative compared to getting a regular AC. One of the reasons why swamp cooler is more eco-friendly than regular ac is because the air that is being released by the machine comes from evaporating water, unlike another machine that may release foreign chemicals on the air, which can affect your health and any plants you might have in your room.

Minimal costs

If you’re worried about electricity bills yet still want some cooling in your house, then getting a swamp cooler might be the perfect solution for you. Regular AC’s maintenance cost might costs you three times more expensive than swamp coolers; they also use more electricity as they have to power so many different parts to keep the room fresh, unlike swamp coolers who uses nothing but pump and fan units.