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                      Oakville Power and Sail Squadron Bridge

At the April 15, 2011 Annual General Meeting

the following Members were elected to serve on the Bridge

for the April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012 season


Secretary and Administrative Officer 

P/D/C Beryl Durrant

We came to Canada in 1967 with two small daughters and the family cat, after Bob was recruited in England  to work for Toronto City Surveyors Department. We lived at the Lord Simcoe Hotel for a while, and then moved in to an apartment on Church Street. Living in a large apartment block was a new and interesting experience for us. The girls settled in to a local school and Flipper adapted quite happily while we house hunted. Our Bank Manager suggested Oakville as a pleasant area with “GO” train services planned for the near future.

We liked Oakville, it wasn’t the large, busy and highly populated Town that it now is. We bought a house on Braeside and settled in for almost the next twenty years. I found work at The Wellesley Hospital, first as a Secretary and then as the Buyer for the Building Services Department. A staff of 45/50 serviced all the Hospital buildings and all the equipment. A few years after I retired the buildings were all torn down and the site redeveloped. I have not been back to see the new construction. I have 23 years of happy memories of the Hospital as it was.   

Bob had always been interested in sailing and wanted a boat, so we attended Boat Shows, and Boat Shows and finally bought a Contessa 26, built in Toronto and favoured by the British Marines. Membership in the Oakville Yacht Squadron and a Boating course with the Oakville Power Squadron followed.  Bob soon became a member of the Squadron Bridge and, like most of the wives I worked with him on Squadron events, Registration, Socials, in the Class rooms, etc. We had no vote in those days but it was fun.

I passed my Boating exam. (somehow, hard work I think) in 1976 and became a full member as soon as the ladies were admitted. The ladies who opted not to become full members had the choice to become Lady Associates for life.

We saw the start of York West District, and at the first weekend Conference the new District Commander Al Sharpe declared it the best Conference we had ever had. YWD has gone on to become a very successful part of the CPS organization, providing several  Chief Commanders including P/C/C Doreen Hinksman.

I  worked with Doreen for V/C Oliver Summers, then National Administrative Officer for CPS (He went on to become Chief Commander) to collect ideas Canada-wide for suggestions for a suitable uniform for the Ladies to wear. It was quite an undertaking, organized by Doreen, and out of it came the uniform we wore, with a sash suitable to wear with evening dress.

Recently the uniform  range was revised and reduced considerably as the Age of Casual came in. I was very proud to wear my uniform and always felt good in it.

I worked through the Squadron becoming Commander in 1983-1984 and went on to District to serve on the Bridge as District Commander in 1987-1988. Back to the Squadron after that where I am still working  and enjoying it, and convinced that the work CPS does becomes more vitally necessary every year as ever increasing numbers manage to die on our waterways.

I am one of the Past Commanders still working  on the Bridge. I hope to continue on but we do really need support from our members, both new and not so new, in the classrooms and on the Bridge. If we can do it perhaps some of you  could find some time to come and join us, you would be very welcome.

Publicity Officer

Tim Noble

I was born in North Vancouver, but grew up on a farm in Ontario. Although far from water, as a boy I dreamed of going to sea.  I’ve always had a love of the ocean, of ships of all kinds, and the sense of adventure travelling by sea brings.  My father loved salmon fishing, and I would join him on many excursions on Lake Ontario and off the coast of BC, where my love of the sea was further whetted.  Whether travelling long or short distances, the fun of discovering a new port and community, and the familiar sights of returning to your home port always attracted me. 


I’m a recent convert to the sport of sailing, having started just 6 years go.  So far I’ve sailed in Lake Ontario, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Desolation Sound.  I’ve completed several CPS courses, and currently have my Intermediate CYA certification.  Currently I’m a member of the Oakville Yacht Squadron where I discovered the sport of racing.  I currently crew on a C&C 27 Mk III which I co-own called Broken Arrow. You can see us out on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  We also participate in several regatta’s around the lake during the summer.  We can usually be found at the C&C Owners Regatta, The Mercedes Benz Cup at OYS, Bronte Rocks, and some Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing events.  I’m looking forward to learn Laser sailing this summer, and  to complete my advanced CYA certification.


When I’m not sailing, I volunteer with the Oakville Power & Sail Squadron where I am the Public Relations Officer for the past 3 years.  You can find our posters at all the marinas, chandleries, yacht clubs, and public libraries in the area.  I also volunteer with the Association of Oakville Harbour Stakeholders, working towards sustainability for our harbours.  There I develop various alternative business models which assist the town council on the direction of our harbours development. 


I’m a fan of Patrick O’Brian novels, Pusser’s Rum, and the music of the islands.

MAREP and Environment Officer


Matt Kennedy

Matt Started sailing, when he was a boy, crewing on Dragon class sail boats out of Edinburgh, Scotland on the Firth of Forth then, when old enough, joined the RAF and served during WW11 as a bomber pilot.

Came to Canada in 1954 and sailed a 28 foot Grampian out of Oakville for many years competing in sail racing events throughout Lake Ontario.

In the early seventies, he joined Oakville Squadron CPS and started on the Bridge as Membership officer. He also served as a Proctor on several courses and then was Training officer for three years during which time was instrumental in getting CPS to reduce the Boating course to an optional 12 weeks instead of  24 weeks. Initially it was called the Accelerated Boating course.

He served continuously on the Bridge since then in various capacities, including Commander.

In 1987 he joined Towarf and served as a Crew Captain and was involved in many rescues. Eventually he became Towarf Commander and during his tenure the current rescue boat was acquired.

He is currently the Quartermaster at Towarf and serves on the Executive as the Harbours representative.

He also represents the Oakville Power and Sail Squadron on the Association of Oakville Harbours Stakeholders.

Safety and RVCC Officer

Ian Casey

Past Commander, Editor and Membership Officer

John Hinksman SN

After graduating from Handsworth Technical College in England I immigrated to Canada, continuing post grad courses at Ryerson. My first position was in the Engineering Dept. at a large metal forming company.  Responsible for special tool designs for metal forming.

With my metal bending and forming experience I was offered a job at AVRO AICRAFT on the Fuselage design team for the CF105 Avro Arrow project. After working for 3 years on the Front fuselage, Armament Pack and Air Intakes, the Arrow was cancelled.

I was offered a job at Boeing in the US but turned it down and returned to specialty design of metal forming. After a short time I started my own business with Rollercraft Ltd. 35 years or so later I retired.

My boating experience was started in Northern Ontario cottage life, fishing, waterskiing and exploring the back waters. The need for a larger boat and a larger boat and finally ending up with a Cruiser type lead to exploring Georgian Bay and the North Channel, the best boating ground in the world.

Trips through the Trent Canal System and up to 2 or 3 weeks trips on Georgian bay and a bare boat rental in the British Virgin Islands (highly recommended) necessitated me to learn a lot more than just jumping into the boat and having fun. I took almost all of the CPS courses offered with the exception of Sailing.

I am at the present Chairman of Offshore Navigation JN, N and CN courses, marking exams and Sight folders for the Celestial students in CPS. I am also the Chairman of the CPS Foundation  a non profit organization that supports  CPS by making donations to support  the goals and objectives of safe boating and keeping course material up to date and affordable to the average boater.