Basic Tools Needed For Woodworking


There are many basic tools that you need to buy whenever you want to open a woodworking workshop. These are very crucial in all your woodworking activities. They help in making the best structure from your pieces of wood. Is there a Woodworking tool guide when one is planning to purchase some. The following is a list of some of the basic tools needed for woodworking.

Woodworking Tools




A sander or sandpaper is used in smoothening out rough surfaces on woods. In any woodwork, a sander is very essential. It prepares the wood for painting and furnishing. Just like other woodwork tools, sanders come in different styles and types. For instance, a handheld sandpaper helps in smoothening rough wood surfaces which are not easy to be reached by belt sanders.

Table saw

A table saw is arguably amongst the most important tools for your woodwork shop. Table saws are very crucial especially if your workshop handles more pieces of wood on a daily basis. A woodwork shop is never complete without a table saw. It offers an accurate and stable wood cut than most tools. A table saw is used in making straight and accurate cuts on woods. This tool helps to save time and energy involves is less compared to a handsaw.

Work Bench

In fact, a work bench should be the first tool to be bought in your woodwork shop. You should make sure that it is in a good size to accommodate different projects. A work bench is supposed to be fitted with the vices. This is very important because your project will be held in position so that you make accurate cuts on the wood.

Screw drivers

Another important tool that should not miss in most of your wood work activities is a screw driver. These tools come in varied size, shapes, and styles. The main types of screw drivers include a Robertson, Philips and the flat types. You should procure at least all the types and sizes screw driver that is commonly used in most woodworking stores. You should also remember to invest in a good power screw driver to make your work easy.


Hammers are very common among carpenters and even laymen. This is an important basic tool that should not miss in your almost all your woodworking activities. Hammers helps in driving nails, staples and pins on to the woods. When buying a new hammer make sure that you consider its weight and size. A radium weight hammer drives the nails without cracking your wood. Different types of hammers are used on different occasions. A rubber mallet is a special type of hammer which is used in driving nails on delicate wood.


Just from what the word suggests, it is used in drilling holes through the wood surface. Currently, most people are using power drills, unlike the past where people only afforded a hand drill.



Some types of woodwork projects need the use of bolt as an alternative to screws for the purpose of holding two planks of wood together. Therefore, you require a wrench to help you in tightening these bolts. It is advisable if you considered buying an Allen wrench and installing to your power drill for faster operations.


Measuring Tape


sjsjsjsjsjshhhhhLast but not least you need a measuring tape because you will need to make accurate measurements when cutting woods. You should have some basic mathematics in metric measurements in order to use this tool effectively.