Factors To Consider When Purchasing Hair Dryers

A hair dryer is an important gadget which gives a positive impact on the quality of persons’ hair. You should avoid using poor quality hair dryers as they might end up damaging your hair by making it brittle. The following are some of the important factors that need to be considered when purchasing a hair dryer.

Person’s needs

Hair dryers are used for two main reasons- for professional and personal use. Alight weight and a small unit are sufficient to give your hair the experience needed by the domestic users. Most of the dryers used for domestic purposes are easy to handle lightweight and affordable. Any individual operating a salon should go for the professional hair dryers. Most of the professional units are designed to run with AC which enables them to produce more heat. Professional units are also known for having a stronger airflow and a long lifespan. They can, therefore, be used in drying hair faster. However, a professional dry is relatively expensive as compared to the other types of dryers.

Hair drying technology

The different categories of hair dryers are based on the different hair drying technologies.


These are hair dryers which run on ionic technology. These dryers dry the hair at a fast rate by breaking down the water molecules. This technology can also allow hair to retain moisture for a long time and remain strong. These dryers work by diffusing the negative ions thereby eliminating frizz. It is also believed by the hair experts that these dryers can be used in eliminating the static elasticity in your hair.


These are special units which work by taking out the infrared heat thereby preventing damage to the surrounding skin and your hair. It works by drying the hair from the inside thus protecting it from over drying and from heat damage. These types of hair dryers are best suited for those individuals having, curly, frizz, and hair treated with keratin.


This is a special gemstone which is considered to be the world’s best ionic and infrared generator. Its gemstone coating is loaded with minerals which help in breaking down the water molecules for them to evaporate quickly.

Main accessories and features of hair dryers

The various accessories and features of hair dryers are used in determining the ease of use of the different units as well as the overall user’s experience. You are advised to go for those units which have useful features. Shivel cord and dryer brush are the main beneficial features of hair dryers.