Meet our Instructors

David has been teaching our VHF Radio course for the last few years. He is a certified examiner for the Radio Operators Certificate (Maritime).
He is a member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and is Searchmaster for the local unit – TOWARF (Town of Oakville Water Air Rescue Force) . As such, he has first hand experience in the use of marine. An amateur radio operator for more than 50 years David is also a licenced private pilot.

P/Cdr Fraser Lockhurst

Fraser is our Squadron Training Officer. For the last six years he has served various positions such as Assistant Training Officer, EXO and Commander.

An avid boater you can find him cruising up in Georgian Bay most of the summer. In the off season he puts his acquired knowledge to good use when teaching our PCOC course along with Ian Casey

Ian Casey

Ian is very active in CPS, serving at the District as well as squadron levels.

Ian is a member of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary as well as the local unit – TOWARF (Town of Oakville Water Air Rescue Force) He teaches our PCOC course along with Fraser Lockhurst.
Andy Wyman
Andy is an avid boater who has been sailing out of Oakville for more than 30 years. Previously he skippered boats in Kingston and Montreal. The son of a former Royal Navy officer, Andy has spent most of his life in and around boats. As a youth he was a member of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and spent several summers as a watch officer on the SV St. Lawrence II.

In the past he has taught a number of CPS courses including, Boating, Seamanship and Seamanship Sail. Andy returned to teaching CPS boating courses after a long hiatus. Along with Fraser Farmer, Andy now teaches Boating Essentials.
P/Cdr Fraser Farmer, AP
Fraser is a sailor. He owned the C&C27 ”Blue Heron” in Oakville for 10 years. He and his sons, Peter and Mark, raced the boat in club races in Oakville and in regattas around Lake Ontario.

In the late ‘90s Fraser and his wife, Linda, moved to Blandford, Nova Scotia near Chester on Mahone Bay. “Blue Heron” didn’t make the trip. Instead, “Green-Sleeves”, a CS36 traditional became the family boat.

Fraser has instructed several CPS courses over the last 20 years including Boating, Seamanship Sail, Weather, GPS and Electronic Charting. He has been active on the Oakville Squadron Bridge, Bluenose Squadron and the National Training Department. Along with Andy Wyman, Fraser now teaches our Boating Essentials course.
Lenn Holmberg, SN
Lenn Holmberg has been messing with boats since he was a youngster growing up in Vancouver. He comes from a seagoing family of many generations. Lenn’s father began his maritime career making several voyages to Australia on a five masted working schooner before ending his career as a BC coast pilot. It is out of respect for the “old ways” that Lenn chose to teach Celestial Navigation for CPS.

Lenn is a cottage boater on the Muskoka lakes. This year he will be teaching the Junior Navigator Course for us.

Alison Jones

Alison currently races her Morgan 27, Shark & Laser out of the Oakville Yacht Squadron.

Her years of sailing experiance and love of the wind in her hair and deck beneath her feet, more than qualifies her to teach our Sailing Course.

John Josefik, AP

John is a retired educational administrator who has dedicated his pedagogical skills to promote safe boating.
He has been teaching our Seamanship course for the last two years.

Richard Bodt

QUOTE: “7 years of “Extended Cruising” including two Atlantic crossings. – I bring real experience to the EC course.” UNQUOTE

Richard has agreed to teach our Extented Cruising Course to all those fortunate individuals that sign up this year.

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